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We often receive opportunities to purchase large batches of computer hardware from our global network. These include both older models purchased directly from manufacturers and end-of -life models which need to be recycled.

Our technical department assesses all the hardware we receive to see whether it is suitable for reuse. Any equipment which can be repurposed will have all the data removed, be cleaned and installed with a software update. Equipment which is ‘end of life' will be dismantled and disposed of in line with the country laws and regulations.

If you have excess HP equipment available, then we will offer you a fair and competitive price for it within one working day. To obtain a quote, please upload an Excel file stating the brand name, model, type, processor and amount.

We are well aware of the increasingly important demand for effective environmental solutions for older hardware. As such, we deal with a large number of such components which we are always able to supply ‘clean’ (as evidenced by a European-approved certificate) and with all original (confidential) data removed.

                       We can turn your excess stock or IT assets into money.....!

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